Red Tarot Card Bag with Embroidered Dragon
Red Tarot Card Bag with Embroidered Dragon
Red Tarot Card Bag with Embroidered Dragon

Red Tarot Card Bag with Embroidered Dragon

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This tarot card bag is made with part of an authentic Guatemalan Huipil from the town of Chajul, Guatemala. The back side is made from corte fabric. 

It is a perfect fit for your tarot cards or runes. 

<<~ FEATURES ~>>

• Handmade from Handwoven and Hand Embroidered, Vintage Guatemalan textiles

• One of a Kind

• Made in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

• Created and Upcycled from "huipils" (hand woven and hand embroidered tipico blouses) and cortes (handwoven tipico skirts) that are no longer worn or used


6.5 in. (17 cm) wide

8.5 in. (22 cm) long

Please note that these dimensions are approximate as each item is one of a kind and handmade. 

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We use traditional Guatemalan textiles in all of our products and source it locally in Guatemala ourselves. Here is a little bit of information about these textiles.

In Mayan society it is the responsibility of the women women to maintain the traditions of weaving and embroidering. It is more than the creation of these textiles. The act of wearing woven and embroidered clothing, huipils (blouses) and cortes (skirts), is very important and considered a way of preserving of their culture. In addition to keeping their artisan work alive by passing down the art form of weaving from generation to generation for hundreds of years, women are able to sell their hand-woven and hand-embroidered fabrics and textiles to empower themselves.

The traditional dress is called “traje” which dually functions as clothing and as a statement of cultural and personal identity. The huipil and corte are universal elements of every traje and every item is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, significant to Mayan culture.

The Huipil is a Mayan, square-cut blouse that is hand woven on a back-strap loom. To make one huipil, the weaver must spend several hours a day on her knees weaving, over the course of several months. The loom is made of 5 parallel sticks and stretched out between the weaver and a pole or tree. It is portable and thus allows the women to work between completing household chores and taking care of her children. Each huipil is uniquely decorated by the weaver and adored with various imagery from Mayan culture and myth.

The Corte is a Mayan, wrap around skirt. It is a cut of cloth typically thinner, wider, and longer than the huipil. The corte is made with a foot-loom and requires more strength to work than the back-strap loom and because of this it is typically the men who weave the cortes. As the cortes are woven, each string is dyed to create the patterns and images that adorn them. 

To hold up the cloth skirt, women use a “faja,” a long and embroidered belt. Some fajas have simple designs and patterns while others are elaborately adorned. 

<<~ ABOUT US~>>

We believe in bringing beautiful art into the world. We partner with Guatemalan textile artisans to design and produce one of a kind apparel infused with indigenous, handmade Mayan art. The work we do employs and supports local families in Guatemala.

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