About Us

Our Mission


We empower local Maya indigenous women by providing well paying jobs and opportunities. We empower our customers by teaching them the stories of our handmade pieces, making every piece sacred.


Our Story


Three years ago we came to Guatemala and immediately got involved in Maya community. We found a home and wanted to give back as much as had been shared with us. We were quickly adopted into a local family.


Sheri, a lifelong designer, fell in love with the local textiles and Mayan Mythology. She Rides Dragons was born with the purpose of centering and empowering local Maya women, allowing them to earn good wages and work from home. We want our customers to know where every gorgeous piece came from and carry those stories with them, honoring the people and culture who made them.




All of the fabrics we use are on their second life. Their first life was as a huipil or a corte worn by a Maya woman. As these pieces become aged, faded, or go out of style they are no longer worn, much like your favorite blue jeans that are no longer appropriate to wear in public. They are sold to buy new pieces or repurposed. These handwoven fabrics are of such high quality that they last for decades.


Organizations We Work With


Buenos Vecinos


The Grace Project